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In life, maybe you have heard the story of your mother's sorrow; perhaps, you have heard the sound of your mother's pleasing sound; perhaps, you have seen my mother's brows because of your progress; maybe, you have seen mom Tears that are rushing because of your mistakes; perhaps Carton Of Cigarettes, you have seen your mother��s happy cheeks and encouraging eyes because of your success in learning, everything she has done for us is like that. Not asking for a return, it��s all about trying to make us happy. I remember that early in the morning, the sky was gray and it was raining heavily. After getting out of bed, my mother had already prepared breakfast for me. After I finished washing, the rain stopped when I had breakfast, and I ran to the school with my schoolbag. A little trot on the way, thinking that today the teacher will send down the last test, but another thought that I did not play well in this test, the results must be very bad, my heart is both worried and afraid. I am worried that the results are really what I think. I am afraid that it is so good to go back to see my own mother who is hard-working for me. This kind of achievement is to be embarrassed... The more worried, the more things happen - the results Sure enough, it was as bad as I expected! The bells of school were ringing, and my heart became more and more uneasy Marlboro Gold. At this time, my face was dark and the thunder rang, and it rained again. Looking at the rain that kept the sky and the ground, I became more and more afraid to go home, because the situation is imaginary! The rain grew bigger and bigger, and the students went home with their umbrellas! I, because I didn't bring an umbrella, I looked at the darker the sky, and I was desperate to go to the rain curtain... The whole body was in thunder and rain. The next child was soaked: the rain followed my forehead and my cheeks could not stop. Under the circumstance, I couldn��t see the road suddenly. I felt that there was no rain on my head. I was in a state of suspicion. I had an umbrella behind me and a voice: "Child, don��t punish this. I haven��t tested this time. The next time I work hard, I will go home with my mother, don��t ruin my body!�� What can I say in the horror at this time? I can't tell whether the face is rain or tears On the way, my heart is secretly swearing: I must work hard, I must work hard. The umbrella that was propped up in the rain separated me from the rain. Under this umbrella is a warm and happy home. Now every time I meet the rain or test, I will think of the umbrella that is propped up in the rain, think of the umbrella. that person
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